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Traveling 101

Over the past two years, for both personal and professional reasons I have done quite a lot of traveling. I have been so lucky to go to so many places around the world in my life so far but these fast few months have been super busy. I have also lived and studied abroad so have learned how to pack smart and pack light. (Though on the living abroad point,

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It’s True, I Love Tan!

So the week, when I should have been prepping to be a bridesmaid at my cousins now past wedding (Like it happened a month ago, nothing happened to her wedding. In fact it was fab, see my post here about being a bridesmaid) I instead decided to try out a new tan and write a post about it! I really was a good help to her, I just momentarily got

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Goodies at the G

There are a few places and images that are synonymous with Galway city. The stone walls, the NUI Galway clock tower, the craic, buskers on Shop Street, and for me it also is The g Hotel. The stunning Philip Treacy designed hotel is a 6-minute drive from Eyre Square and a 9-minute drive from the National University of Ireland, Galway. When I was a student and would get the bus

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Being a Bridesmaid

It’s so nice reading back on this post knowing all went well. This was the night before my cousin’s wedding. I was feeling nervous and wrote a blog post to set my mind straight of what I had to do the following day! Hope these tips help you along the way! I will do another post series about the things you need to master, A bridesmaid 101 (I will ask

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24 hours in Galway

Hello again! I was thinking that as a part of this blog I could do a series of blogs called ’24 hours in…’ (my first thought was A&E, thats sad. I don’t even have  TV anymore, I live TV free! Shocking I know!) but that I could write guides for mini trips to some of my favourite cities and the things you should do when you are there. And to start,

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Hello world!

Hello! I’m new here! Click the about me to learn more and I hope you enjoy my posts! I will be adding to them weekly, and hope to have a range of topics to discuss! Thats all I have to say for now, I really just wanted an excuse to post a picture of me and my hat!! So anyways! Yes, exciting times! Much love,   Aisling x

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