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Traveling 101

Over the past two years, for both personal and professional reasons I have done quite a lot of traveling. I have been so lucky to go to so many places around the world in my life so far but these fast few months have been super busy. I have also lived and studied abroad so have learned how to pack smart and pack light. (Though on the living abroad point, I’ll keep it as a story for another time about my in airport unpacking and repacking!!)

In the past two years, I’ve been to London three times, New York three times, Boston, Paris, Athens, Toronto, and Amsterdam. That adds up to a lot of air miles and a lot of time packing, and hanging around airports. But it has also given me time and experience to become an ‘expert’ in getting around airports and packing. (Though my latest trip to New York, all my own advise went out the window as I was going to a wedding! Chief Bridesmaid- brought everything that I could think of)

So here are some tips for Travelling 101:

  • Don’t pack a hair dryer, but do pack your brushes! If you are going anywhere outside of the UK and Ireland chances are the power will be on different voltage and your hair dryer won’t work anyway but nowadays most if not all hotels will have a decent hair dryer in the rooms.


  • Roll jeans, and teeshirts but lay jumpers flat over the top of everything. This saves so much space.


  • Take screen shots of your hotel and flight details and a photo of your passport. Have digital copies of all reverent material stored offline. Airlines have gone paperless but don’t forget that you might need to give a taxi man directions when you land and data roaming charges can be very expensive. Plan ahead and you’ll save money for the holiday shopping!


  • Take photos of where you parked your car, photographing the floor number and level details is so handy when you return from two weeks in the sun and saves you wandering around the airport carpark in the cold with bags in tow!


  • The best thing I ever bought was a universal travel adaptor. The plug adapts and the prongs move in and out according to which location you set it as. It can be used all over the world! So handy if your like me and can keep track of lots of different adaptors! I picked it up in Duty Free of Dublin Airport and it has been a staple of all my trips!


  • Always have a scarf or wrap in your handbag when travelling. Long haul flights can get vey cold and those blankets are clearly not made for the average size person! They don’t cover much. Delays in the airport could mean you are sitting around for a long time so you’ll be very thankful when you can wrap up and keep warm while waiting to go or return from holiday.


  • Don’t think high fashion but rather comfort when it comes to shoes for the airport. I always give myself plenty of time so I don’t have to rush, or worse run for a flight. (but once going from Canada to the States we got majorly delayed at the US Pre-clearance and I was never so thankful to be wearing flat riding boots. The announcement of ‘Passenger Nolan, please pick up a curtesy phone’ was a hint to run faster for my flight and had I decided on my heeled boots I would never had made it.)


  • Not so much a tip but rather advice, I have spent many hours getting on and off planes and the number one pet peeve is people who take forever getting their bags in the over head bin, or who decide to take stuff out of it while they are putting it up. Just no! Just get in out of the way, let the queue of people on the plane and then you can get whatever you need. We have time, the plane won’t be taking off for a good few minutes at the least once everyone is on.

These are just a few tips and observations from my recent travels. I’ll follow up with a more detailed post on packing tips and tricks.

Thats all for now,

Much love

Aisling x


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