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Packing, my on board essentials 

Hi everyone,

So I’m pack with a packing essentials and this blog is all about those things which I always bring on the planes with me. I have taken 15 flights over the last few months and some of them have been long haul ones so I have put together some of my must haves for keeping you sane, entertained and feeling good on the long distance journeys! I made sure to have all these with me!

1) Dress smart but warm! I always think you should look good when traveling, not dressed to the nines or in a suit but smart.  It’s always the case that you will meet someone you know in the airport!  So a nice pair of stretchy jeans, a stripe long sleeve top and a blazer looks chick and sophisticated but it’s easily made super comfy for those long flights! I added a large scarf some pumps and a straw fedora for that airport chick look! The scarf will keep me warm on the flight and can be used as a drape or a small blanket when tiredness and the chills set in. I always get cold on those flights.

2) BB or mineral makeup! You don’t want your skin to feel heavy or cakey on flights,especially those long haul ones. With the circulated air it is essential that you don’t have anything dehydrating on your skin. Also if you are like me you’ll want something that can be easy removed or easily topped up when you land or during the flight . I like to do a simple brow, some blush and just a light coverage for the flight and then add to it make me look a little more put together when I arrive.

These are my carry on favorites: For my recent trip to the states I brought my Michael Kors Jet set tote but on my holiday to Italy, I only took a carry on luggage so used my suede black River Island mini back pack. It was perfect for bringing all my things on board.

3) Headphones! A must especially when I read that very often these airplane headphones are not new! I like to make sure that mine are with me so I can be sure to keep myself entertained but also to be able to block out the sounds when I want to sleep or relax.

4) Water bottle! Essential for any trip is to stay hydrated and bring a bottle like this one means that your water will stay cold and fresh throughout the flight. You can either fill it up at the free water fountains for passengers when you pass through security or buy a bottle on the other side and add it to your own. It secure , temperature controlled and easy to carry!

5) Moisturiser and lip balm: along with keeping you body hydrated so too must you keep your skin hydrated ! I love the multi purpose Dr Paw paw and use it on my lips, cuticles and any dry patches I might get.


6) External charger/power bank : I like to listen to music  on my phone which means the battery is always quick to die. I also have some great meditation and noise apps which block out the sounds of the airplane and let you rest. I also think when you arrive it’s super important to have a bank right there I case your adapters are in your case or there are no plug points available. Handy when you’ve to open maps, check in with home or call an Uber. Battery power is a essential trip element for me

7) Books! Like real hold in your hand books! Because if all technology fails you always have something to keep your mind busy and your entertained. Those waiting for boarding calls or delayed flights won’t seem as bad if you have something to keep you distracted

With all that travel, I’ve been busy so bot blogging, I have lots more coming up so stay tuned!

Much love,

Aisling x

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