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Chupi’s “wild and natural things”

Hi everyone,

If you have been following me for the past while, or keeping an eye on my Instagram you’ll have noticed my go to and favorite jewellery piece: my Chupi ring. I must have been one of Chupi’s first customers as I got my ring maybe three or four years ago (I still have the original black and white packaging!) and I have worn it almost every day since.


Chupi Sweetman is an Irish jewellery designer who went from art college to Top Shop designer in her first year. She realised that after a few years that jewellery was her true calling and I for one am delighted!


The range is inspired and themed on the idea of  “wild and natural things” and Chupi’s aesthetic is influenced by the imperfect natural beauty of feathers, twigs and leaves complemented by the sparkiest of gemstones. The pieces generally are made in solid sterling silver and plated in 18k gold, but you can get pieces made from solid gold.


Each piece is designed, manufactured and finished in Ireland which is for me is such a great feature. You are buying something that was made locally and they are hallmarked in Dublin Castle. Not only is it great to support local, their customer service is second to none.

Let me tell you a little story! I was holding an event for work in the Aviva Stadium and we had to walk through the underground bit and follow the yellow line on the ground. I know all very confusing! So anyways we were basically in a big tunnel and when I arrived up to the room we were to have out event  in, the stone from my ring was missing. Somewhere on route in that underground walk way it had fallen off. I was so upset but we had an event to attend so I had to put it out of my mind (I did go and walk the underground tunnel thing for ages searching for the stone but nada!) So, I called the Chupi team the next day to see if I could get my ring fixed, and not only did they say no problem, but they replaced it for free! My ring arrived back, new stone, and polished. Every since then, they have been, in my mind one of the best jewellery brands.


I always get so many compliments about it, so when my brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas there was little hesitation in my asking for some new Chupi!

And this is what I got! The your North Star necklace.



Chupi describes it as ‘One of the brightest stars of heaven has been captured and held in our Your North Star collection, a tiny sparkling gemstone set in a gold disc. Chupi designed this collection to be a guiding star for moments when you need to remind yourself to follow your heart.’ And how fitting for going into the New Year and to remind me to keep going for all I have planned!

And what is even better, is that when we ordered my necklace Chupi send me another gift that I’ve decided to share with you all!  So to celebrate the New Year and all that lies ahead I’m going to do a little give away! The crown of love ring is beautiful, as are all Chupi pieces! So head over to my Facebook page for competition details.


So that’s all, I’m delighted with my new necklace and I’m sure you’ll see it featured in my upcoming posts!

Happy New Year,

Much Love,

Aisling x


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