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24 hours in…Prague

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, I lived and studied in the most amazing city that is Prague, and thought it should be the next city featured in my 24 hours in series. My first 24 hours was set in Galway and you can read that here.

So, why Prague?381493_2438377886045_120946022_n

First off, Prague is a city full of history, ambiance, culture and some of the most beautiful archicture I’ve ever seen. I had the unique experience of beign both resident and tourist in Prague and the city stole my heart. So, if you have 24 hours there what should you do?

10am: Check into the stunning Design Hotel Jewell Prague, located in the historical center, just outside the Old town, about 5/6 minute walk away. Drop your bags and get your walking shoes on. You’re trip has just started and Prague is a city to see on foot.

10.30am: Head into Old Town Square, walk the back alleys and arrive into the majestic and breath taking old Town. The square with the Astronomical Clock on one side and castles and palaces surrounding it is spectacular. There are plenty of side streets leading off the main square, but explore them later. Take it all in. Stroll around the square and watch the people. Prague is where all the world converges. Listen to the conversations. Sit in one of the cafes surrounding the square, order a coffee and watch.310993_2248403616807_8349216_n

11.30am: Head up into the astronomical clock, there is a treat on the hour and the best place to see it is from the top. You’ll get one of the best views from the top of the clock and the piper will emerge from the crowds and signal the hours arrival. Quickly head into behind the clock face and see the mechanical figures of the apostles. They emerge from the clock face on the hour, but you’ll see them best from the ground, so later on you’ll have to make a trip back to old town square to see it.376757_2466518029531_1392985635_n

12.30pm: Take a stroll out of old town square and up to the famous Charles Bridge. Mind your bag, but take in all the sights of the iconic bridge. Be sure to find the plaque of the nun being thrown over the bridge and rub her for good luck!


1.30pm: Stop for lunch in one of the nice restaurants across the bridge. You’ll notice that this are is far less packed and touristy that old town. Try some traditional Czech food and wash it town with a Pivo or two. Since they’ll only cost you between 50c and €1 each you can’t afford not too!

3pm: While on this side of the river be sure to visit the Child of Prague Church . The church is the home of the iconic status us Irish put outside the night before weddings. Pick one up from its home and have it blessed. There are nuns who look after the child of Prague and who dress the status in clothes and outfits sent from all over the world. (seriously!!)

4pm: Take a tram or metro up to Prague Castle, located above the city. The castle and church are stunning, and if you have the opportunity be on site for the changing of the guard parade. Prague is a city where you can do all those touristy things and its OK. Because all those touristy things are spectacular. In my time living in Prague, I think I went to the castle 8 times, if not more! It was worth it each time! The metro tickets can only be bought in the little tobacco huts and shops all over the city. You will need to validate your ticket for each trip on both the metro and tram as undercover inspectors check. They are cheap and worth getting. Buy a few when you are in the shop and then you’ll have no hassle. They are about 70c a ticket.316392_2438372685915_30151637_n


5.30pm: Head back to the hotel and have another beer. You are in Prague after all! Get ready for a night in one of the livest citys in Eastern Europe! Prague comes alive after dark!

6.30pm: Head back into the city, and before dinner check out one of the classical musical concerts which happen in the churches all around the city. I went to many of them, the best one was in Wenceslas Square in the Czech National Museum. We got to sit on the steps inside the famous building and the acoustics were phenomenal. The museum only opens occasionally so if it has a concert while you are there go! The ones in the churches are equally as good, and will be an hour well spent!324585_2467677818525_962089469_o


7.30pm: If its warm while you are in Prague, sit for dinner in the 5* Hotel U Prince in Old Town Square under its umbrellas. You will be in the heart of the old town, beneath the astronomical clock, perfect to get a view of the figures who emerge on the hour and hear the music play.

9pm: Visit the Black Angles cocktail bar or Hemingways bar for an after dinner cocktail or two. Enjoy the glamour of being in Prague.

10.30pm: Depending on your style and wants, now is a perfect time to hit the clubs, and Prague has some amazing clubs! My favorite is the underground Lucerna Music Bar which  is a concert club housed within the Lucerna Palace, located on a hallway or “passage” that connects Vodičkova and Štěpánská streets near historic Wenceslas Square, in the New Town. You’ll have to look for it but when you find it, it is worth it. It is like stepping back in time, where 80’s and 90’s music reigns! Drinks are cheap and the music is good! The club stays open until the very early hours of the morning so dance till you can dance no more!327370_2600575820892_1201891802_o

Late: Head back on the metro or trams to the hotel, or take a night time stroll though the streets of Prague when its quiet. I never felt unsafe in Prague and taxis tend to over charge tourists. The public transport system is fantastic so use up those tickets you bought earlier.

8am: If you are an early riser, take a trip to the Prague suburbs to visit the town Kutná Hora to visit the famous Czech bone church. Its not as morbid as it sounds…well actually it is but it is well worth a visit. The whole church is made from human bones! You won’t see that anywhere else!

10.30am: Arrive back in Prague or check out after a nice breakfast and head onto your next destination! If you are killing time, hit the shops and get some designer pieces or some unique Czech pieces!

24 hours in Prague is up!

Have you been to Prague, this post has me feeling quite nostalgic about my time and I am dying to head back!

Let me know if you have any must do things while in Prague!

Aisling x

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