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Sunday Style

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year. 2017 so far has been good, considering we are 15 days in that’s not a massive achievement but you know…celebrate all things equally!

Today I have a cosy Sunday style look book that is perfect for the cold days that have been keeping us company this year. I don’t know about the rest of the country but Galway has been Baltic! This look is perfect for keeping warm, though at the rate the temperature is plummeting a coat probably would be a good idea too. ( I did my top 10 picks for winter coats on the blog and you can read it here)

So the most important bit…the clothes!

These jeans are my go-to new favourite thing, I loved them so much I bought them in about four different colours. They are by a new brand called noisy may (I featured a jumper of theirs in one of my previous look books: here) and it is fast becoming one of wardrobe staples! And whats even better is they are less than €35. Yes who would believe you could get great jeans for that price. My previous loves, the Top Shop Jamie jeans have gone into retirement while I have been giving these noisy may ones an outing. They are super super soft, have great colour (that didn’t run in the wash!) and the fit is phenomenal! I have long legs for my height, and a big’ish butt (It’s not just because I like to dress up that I am totally the kim of my family!!) and a small waist so jeans are so hard to get, and usually have to be tailored to be take in, but not these! They literally only cost me €34.95. Incredible. you can buy them here. I have them cuffed for this look, but they equally look great down. I would pair them with a pump in that case.



My runners (I never thought I would say that!) are from River Island and as the girls in work remind me they are not runners, you won’t be doing running in them! But anyways, my runners/shoes are from River Island studio collection and I bought them online just before Christmas. You can get them here (I also got these and these!) They are not made for running, unless that is around shops but they are lightweight and stylish. They will need to be broken in a little bit, I put them on for the first time for this shoot so didn’t give them a chance.



The scarf is one of my most favourite at the moment. I have worn it almost every day since my mam bought it as a gift for me back in November. They are still in the shops though and if you are on the look out for one (or even if you are not!), I’d recommend this. It’s massive and warm and I just love the colours. Pink and grey! You can get it here. My ring in this shot is by Chupi and always get comments from people. I wear it every day and have a post coming up all about Chupi and her fabulous designs, and a give away soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

My jumper is another bargain, and from everyone’s favourite Pennys! and it was €7! They have them in a few colours! Its just what winter ordered.



So that’s all!

Happy shopping!

Much Love,

Aisling x


Makeup on the shoot by: Michelle Goonan 

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