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Style Session: Getting race ready

I’m sure a lot of you are like me, and have wardrobes packed with dresses and outfits worn once or not at all that you always hope to wear again but because it was photographed and posted all over social media that one time you wore it or now is just a little bit too tight to be comfortable that you just return it back to the wardrobe for ‘another’ occasion. Well I was adamant that this year I would relegate one of my pre- loved or bought but never worn outfits from the wardrobe and give it an outing for the Galway Races!

Now, I have a beautiful coral and baby blue dress from the designer Daisy May that I bought in Standun’s in Spiddal for a wedding last summer, it must have been a day when I was feeling particularly slim as after that day when I bought it, the dress never fit. I love it and frequently would just try it on at home in hopes that I might be able to wear it, but alas I was never lucky enough to get past the bedroom mirror!
So bar losing weight, this dress was never going to be worn, that was until I had a brain wave, I wonder if I could get this dress altered to fit me now rather than altering me to fit the dress!

The lovely Mary who is manager in the Zip Yard Galway invited me in to see how she might help save my dress and me money on gym membership fees and give this dress its day at the races.

I popped into the shop on Merchants Road on my lunch break one day and Mary and Grazyna got me into the dress and decided what and where the dress could be let out. Pins in place, they assure me that the dress could be altered and made fit. The process was great, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the changing room, and Grazyna assured me that it was only a little bit too small and would be easily fixed. Feeling much better about the process, I let the girls do their job and headed back to work. All sorted in less than ten minutes.

Aisling ZipYard before
As you can see, it was a bit tight across the hips and well…I couldn’t sit down in it! So it was a lot tight.

Less than a week later, Mary dropped me a message to say the dress was ready!! So back I went to the Zipyard and guess what, I looked like I dropped a dress size! The dress fit! Not only was it no longer too tight but it now sat on me like it was made to! Grazyna has deconstructed the skirt of the dress, and sewed it back up giving me extra room in each of the three seems. I was thrilled and race ready. It was the least stressful way to get sorted! The process was so simple and quick that I thought, why not try another dress!

Aisling Zip yard After



So I set them a bigger challenge! I wanted a red Marilyn Monroe type wiggle dress! Bar heading off to a vintage type shop, I knew this would be one of those dresses that would have to be made.
Back In into the changing room I went and tried on an old red shift dress I owned that never fit! On this occasion it was too big! I know a good complaint.



Again, I was pinned, and this one was a bigger change, the waist was brought up, the sides made fit to the body and darts added to make it more streamed in the torso area.
Dressed pinned and shaped, I let the ladies do their work. I knew I was in good hands! Again this dress was like new!








As you can see the shape it great, it fits like a dream and was just what I wanted.

So, if you are like me and always have dresses that don’t fit how you want them too, want to transform them completely, or just a little, check out the ZipYard in Galway. I can’t recommend them enough.


I received complimentary service  from Zipyard Galway, however, as always the opinions here are 100% mine!


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