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Look book: Work Wear

Hi everyone,

I am super busy in work and some mornings I am in a panic of what to pick to wear, I always want to make sure that not only I look professional but stylish and age appropriate too. So, today I have some simple, ageless and super chic work wear outfits and they are all from everyone’s favorite high street shop New Look (for the most part!). This means that the prices are affordable, they have a good variety of sizes and they are in many locations, so there should be no issues with access!

If you’re like me when you love an item, often times you buy it in multiple colours, but with these trousers, I liked them so much I went back and bought the same style and colour again! Therefore I now have two pairs! That means when one is in the wash I always have another pair ready to go! Speaking of washing, these trousers wash so well! I know it’s not something you think of straight away but I always get makeup all over; my clothes, my phone, my hands and we’ll everything! I can’t seem to help myself and often times after one or two washes items of clothes start to look worn and old but these don’t. I not only washed them, I threw them in the dryer to take the major damp out of them and I then ironed them while damp to dry and they still looked perfect for an event I had the other night when I needed them to be clean quick! What’s even better, they’re only €19.99 so you can be like me and buy two pairs! I’ve gotten so many compliments about them on the fit and style and so many people were shocked to hear they were New Look as they looked far more expensive.

I’ve used these trousers as the staple piece for my look book today, as well as my next staple; my shoes! (even though they are so worn because I wore them every day for three weeks for about 10 hours a day, if not more and wore the heels out! Galway is full of cobble stones which we know are not great for shoes! But I’ve had them re-heeled and we’re back in business!) These shoes were similarly priced at €19.99. The low but not kitten heel means they are super comfortable and easy to wear. I love the pointed toe, it elongates the foot and leg as well as looking so much more chic than a simple round toe shoe. So they are my two basics that I kept for the three looks!




Similar shoes here.  Shoes available in store.

The tops I choose, two are also from New Look and the final one is a recent buy from River Island.

I’ll link all the items underneath the photos.


Top here Trousers here


Top here. Similar here



Top here

I love the monochrome look and think it’s great for work. It’s professional and has a hint of personality but also allows for you to simply change up the look by adding accessories meaning with these three tops you could get the full weeks work of outfits!

I picked some more expensive designer pieces to go along side but there are definitely high street versions that cost a fraction of the price that would work just as well! For my sunglasses, I mentioned those in a previous look book and were a pay day treat from Brown Thomas! I love sunglasses and I always prefer really good quality ones. These pair from Bvlgari are no different! They are a bit of a splurge at €250 but I have worn they almost every day since I got them, so have they been worth every penny! My bag I bought when I got my current job as a congratulatory present to myself! It’s black leather with silver detailing from Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer and creative director at Chanel. His designs are like the cooler sibling to the older and more classic Chanel. This bag has served me so well and I have taken it across the globe and it still looks as good as new. It is an instant dressy addition to any outfit and I love that it is big enough to add my iPad or computer along with any documents I need! I think it was about €450 at the time but there are similar, cheaper options on his site now. River Island do great staple bags too if you are looking for something to use every day that won’t break the bank!

We shot these looks in IMMA on a fine Dublin day and I have to say it was worth the trip! I’m not a great fan of modern art as sometimes I don’t really “get” it but I really enjoyed my day in the museum. The art play, the gardens and the sleek eve is a must if you have a spare afternoon in Dublin! So that’s it from todays lookbook! Let me know if these outfits are something you’ll add to your work wardrobe!! I’ll be on the lookout for more high street pieces that wear well and look good!

Much love,

Aisling x

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