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My 2016 Favourites – Part 2

Hi everyone,

I’m back again with part 2 of my 2016 favourites. If you have not read part 1 which features fragrance and makeup you can read it here.

Part two will be filled with the other products I loved in 2016, and the ones I’ll be bringing with me into 2017. Tan, wonder products and hair care, these are my go to products. Lets get started.


If you know me, you’ll know I LOVE tan! Like I love it. It makes me happy and when I discovered these products in 2016, they helped make my year.

My go to tan on a daily basis (yes my problem is this bad!) is from my favourite and made by Girl Boss Marissa Carter, Cocoa Brown. Their one hour tan is my all time favourite tan, the colour, the smell, the application, the packaging! Its brilliant. It is also less than €10. If you are looking for a great product, especially if you are starting out this should be your go to product. They also came out with some great tanning wipes this year, which don’t count toward your liquid allowance if you are only taking hand luggage. Great to top up your tan on those little weekend always! They also can’t leak which is great!

My other favourite tanning product and one which I use if I am looking for a darker tan, in particular for special occasions, I always reach for 2016 newest tan, Bellamianta. I have tried both the liquid and mousse version, and the mousse is my favourite. The colour is deep and golden olive toned (no no looking orange!), it goes on like a dream and their mitt is brilliant. It develops to its maximum colour in four hours, but I leave it on over night. Just to make sure it is as dark as it can be! The product is Irish owned, like Cocoa Brown. Its always great to support Irish business, and  when the products are this good, its a no brainier! the liquid is about €20 and the mousse is a little more expensive at about €25. They also do a professional spray tan formula which is available in selected salons nationwide.



My relationship with my hair has been for the last number of years a fraught one. It is so fine and naturally curly, that I was often very self conscious about it, so I am very cautious about what products I add to my hair. I have already written a post about the shampoo and conditioner that I use and love and you can read it here. These are the other products I have been using all year and can say are brilliant!

My go to hair oil has been the Pantene Dry Oil with Vitamin E. The smell is lovely, and it is highly nourishing. My hair is a nightmare to brush without some help, but I put this product in once I take my hair down from the towel and it makes my life so much easier. Its not heavy either and doesn’t feel sticky. I also sometimes cover my hair in it over night to
it and I wake up with super soft hair. I obviously wash it after a night of hair oil!


I have been trying to not wash my hair daily, and this dry shampoo is the BEST by far that I have ever used. It doesn’t leave white residue, its soaks up oil, and it gives your hair added volume. And it has a nice smell. It costs about €6 and will be a great addition to your collection. No bathroom cabinet is complete without it!


Now this next product has literally changed my life. I love love love it! I had been thinking about buying it all year and for my birthday in August, I decided to treat myself and order it. Its called Living Proof Amp. I first discovered it in the YouTube videos of (this reference is going to be so random coming from an Irish person!) a news anchor from Huston, Texas called Dominique Sachse who has hair that is literal #goals. She has a great youtube channel that is quite addictive to watch because she does her own broadcast hair and makeup and is quite flawless looking! (also google her wedding! Style!) So, anyways, she uses this product a lot, and well, I thought if it can do those great things to her hair, I wonder what it might do to mine! It costs about €35 – €40 but a little little bit goes a long long way. It is a wonder product. I love big hair, and this cream delivers BIG time! You rub a very small amount in your fingers until it turns from white to clear and rub it on the roots of you hair, while your head is upside down. The volume is intense. I also like how it gives you that undone, but done hair style. I have used it numerous times a week since August and it still looks full. It will be one of my holy grail products for 2017 too. Money well well spent.


Teeth Whitening

I love teeth and they are the first thing I generally notice about someone. (yes I do realise how odd that first statement sounds!) I have a great dentist, Dr Paul O’ Boyle in Riverside Dental (Hi Paul! anyone in the greater Dublin region you should go see Paul. He is brilliant! I have been going to him for years and I have never had any issues with my teeth) but I have had my teeth professionally whitened by Paul a number of years ago, you generally have to do this post braces, but I discovered this next product when I was in the States and tried them out to maintain the whiteness of my teeth. I have tried a number of products available on the Irish market, and while they are good, they just don’t compare. The Crest White Strips can be ordered online for about €50 and you get 14 strips in a box. They are great. The only thing I would suggest is to get your oral health checked and all necessary dental work done before you attempt to whiten them as it can leave some people sensitive if there are any underlying issues. These are great, and I use one every two weeks or so to maintain the brightness of my smile. The pack has two strips, one for the top and one for the bottom and they work in 30 minutes. Simple!


So that’s it! These are all the products I have been loving in 2016.

I hope if you are on the look out for new products for the new year this will be helpful. Let me know if you have tried any of these, and if they have worked for you. What has been your 2016 holy grail product?

Happy New Year,

Much love,

Aisling x

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