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My 2016 Favourites – Part 1

Hi everyone,

Well 2016 has been such a great year and I will bring you a post about the highlights but first I have a post about my go-to favourite beauty products over the past 12 months. These are products which I have returned to time and time again and always recommend. They’ll be coming with me into 2017!

I almost can’t believe a whole year is over and that we are on the edge of a new one, I think I’ll be getting all glammed up for the celebrations and these are some of my go-to products for full make up glam! I’ll divide each of the products into sections and go through each one and why I LOVE them! You’ll see from the photos some of these products have come straight out of my makeup bag and are well used!


I’ve been loving two main perfumes this year and they are completely different! The first one is Chanel Chance, and the girls in work have been wearing this all year and its divine. I loved it so much I bought it as a gift for my mam when she asked for a new and gorgeous perfume! Its light and fresh and so wearable! The other one I love for me, and its the Dior Poison Girl and I LOVE it. It has become my go to scent. Its heady and rich and is made with coffee so is addictive. I was also loving Lancome La vie est belle too, that was what I was wearing the first half of the year all the time. Three great fragrances.



I love makeup! In particular I love lipsticks, I legit have an addiction. Always, at any one time I carry about 10 in my handbag. Its a habit formed from my school days when I would never have pens in my pencil case but lip glosses. I loved them that much! So, there have been some key lip products I have been loving in 2016 that will be in my handbag for 2017. If you are looking to add to your collection, I have a mix of high end and drugstore lip products which I have not only re-purchased in 2016 but which I have bought for other people. I believe in them that much!

My cousin Michelle introduced me to the NYX matte lip butters this year and, well, I loved them so much I have about 7 now. I’ve chosen my favourite four for the blog and at €7 a go you might as well go and try them. They are now available in all good Boots stores so tell them I sent you and try it out for yourself. On this one you can afford not to take my word and try them out yourself. They also have the added novelty factor of being named after the cities of the world! They go on so well, the colour pay off is intense and they last for a number of hours. They are not food or kiss proof but I wouldn’t worry about re-applying. They are cheap enough to not worry about wasting!



My all time favourite lip products has to be MAC lipsticks. They are my daily go to and their matte kinda sexy has been my staple for years. I went through three tubes of it this year alone. My other go to is also a MAC nude, but not a matte, in the shade faux. The quality of MAC speaks for itself and these lipsticks won’t disappoint. They are long wearing, nourishing and just stunning colours. I always get a MAC lipstick as a pay day treat but these two are the ones I always return to. No longer a treat, these two are staples in my makeup bag. (I wore kinda sexy for Michelle’s wedding when I was her bridesmaid!) They are quite similar in colour (as you’ll see in the below photo) but not in texture and finish.



(Faux top and kinda sexy bottom)

My everyday makeup routine now without fail includes the Milani baked bronzer in no 4 Glow. 


I got it in New York this past June, and will be picking it up again (in bulk) when I return early next year. The bronzer has golden specks running through it and warms the skin beautifully. It is perfect if you are like me and love tanned skin as it compliments so well. The packaging is great, it comes with a brush and a mirror under neath the bronzer. It was less than $15 so doesn’t break the bank and what you get for the price you pay is unbelievable. The only downside is that Milani is not available in pharmacies here but you can buy it online and have it delivered here. I think it works out more expensive but it is so so worth it!


Another USA addition to my makeup bag this year and which I am almost out of is one of my favourite up and coming brands, and one which I wish, out of all USA brands was available here in Ireland and that is Tarte. You can buy it in Saphora and I’ve been wearing their Amazonian Clay foundation. This stuff is amazing. Like write home and tell your granny about amazing. (Disclaimer: I totally stole this from my mammy! She bought it and then it some how ended up in my collection! Sorry and thank you Mam and I love you!)


My friend Margaret got the concealer when I picked up this foundation and she reports that it too is life changing. The one thing about Tarte, it is not cheap. In fact its quite expensive but god is it worth it. I have not loved a foundation more than I have loved this. Its about €45 for the tube and the concealer was about €22. But holy grail status!! It is full coverage, goes on like a dream and lasts all day. Which for me is a miracle. Because I have a perpetual problem of getting my foundation on everything but my face by the end of the day. I tend only to wear this at night time or for occasions as it is so full coverage but if you are on the look out and are in the states- invest!

Speaking of concealers, I found a good one, only over the last few weeks. The colour range is good, its affordable, has a creamy consistency and you can buy it almost everywhere! What more do you want. Also important I guess is that it does what it advertises, it conceals! My new love is the Revlon colour stay concealer. Yes girl, yes! It is a great little product there! Not eight hours of sleep look good (if you want that you buy the Tarte!) but it’s refreshed looking good! It costs about €12 and is available in most good pharmacies and in all boots stores!


My last makeup favourite of 2016 is a well know one if you follow blogs, and if you don’t let me introduce you to your new best friend! Urban Decay Riff. Its the perfect orange/brown/copper/transition/full eyelid/blender/if you have eyes colour. I’m telling you it is universally flattering, and urban decay are known for their pigments and eye shadows so the product is a dream (another one you’d be telling the granny about, in fact if you are me you’ll tell anyone who will listen about it!) It makes blue eyes pop, its flattering and highlights green eyes, and the hints of gold in it appear when you have brown eyes. Its bizarre. It is a wonder product. I do realise I am gushing. It’s €20 and available in Debenhams nation wide and its my new favourite thing ever! You’ll thank me! Treat your self! I might even do a get ready with me makeup look with this. It might just inspire me!


Ok so that’s all I have for my wonderful products I discovered and loved in 2016. This post is now rather long and I fear you may not keep going if I start throwing hair care and tan in the mix. If you thought I was gushing for the eye makeup just wait for the tanning in Part 2! Oh the excitement!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my 2016 favorites, where tan, hair care, magic multi purpose creams and  other fantastic products await!

Much love,

Aisling x



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