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L’Óreal Pure Clay… Glow L’Óreal glow!

Hi everyone,

I have a review for you all today of the new L’Óreal Pure Clay glow mask!

I am a mask lover, there is nothing better than an evening in with face mask on…equally terrifying and sexy all at once!! I tend to use a lot of sheet masks so when I saw the new clay mask from L’Óreal I was intrigued! L’Óreal is one of my favourite brands, and their reputation for high quality but affordable prices makes me come back again and again.

I spotted two of the three Pure Clay masks in Pennys last week and they were on special offer at €8.50 so I opted for the glow mask (well because who doesn’t love to look glowy!)img_1288jpg

First off the packaging is divine, I love the high end feel and look to it. The green is lush (Despite what my instagram might reveal, green is my favorite colour, and its Oprah’s too. We have that in common!)



As promised on my Facebook here is the photo of me with mask! I know I look crazy, but if looking like this gives you the most amazing skin I am game!img_1293jpg

I don’t know how you are to take anyone with a orange face serious! I know I look cray too!

And it doesn’t disappoint, nothing worse than painting your face to look like you have third degree burns only to notice no change, but my skin was so soft, smooth and no so much glowy but pink. Like healthy looking! Probably because I have a pink undertone to my skin that it came out, I don’t think it will turn everyone pink. Just FYI!

You get 10 applications per pot which works out at 85c a go, or just over €1 when it is back to its full price. Where would you be going without it.

In all seriousness, I really loved the product, I have used it twice a week since getting it so I am 4/5 applications in and my skin is so much smoother and makeup goes on better and is staying longer. The parts of my face which never held makeup (mainly due to me touching it repeatedly! but also due to them being slightly oily) is my chin and forehead but these last two weeks I’ve noticed a massive difference hen I came home from work. I’ve had one small break out above my lip but nothing that I’d be writing home to tell the mammy about or nothing a bit of concealer wouldn’t solve. Other than that, my skin has had a marked improvement in its texture and appearance. Well done L’Óreal…well done!

While it’s still on offer stock up, and even if its not on offer buy it anyways. I am going to try the other two and try master the art of ‘multi-masking’. They have a purity one and a detox one in the range.

Here is Cheryl (I don’t know what to call her after his) showing off her mult-masking skills!13902631_1132692073443737_5540905599568389720_n

Why is it I don’t look like this with my face mask!?!

So that’s all! Buy it if you see it!

Much Love,

Aisling x


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