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Be Kind to your hair

Hi again!

Today I have a post all about the new Kind range from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter. Now if you have read my previous post about how much I love tan (you can find it here) you will know that I am a fan of the Cocoa Brown range!

The new Kind Shampoo and Conditioner is the first venture outside skin products for Marissa, and I have to say…YES, way to go girl! They are fantastic.

I have super fine hair, which when I’m stressed likes to fall out. I’ve had periods during my life where my hair has been not good and very fine, (It was super upsetting at points, my hair would come out in clumps in the shower and when brushing it) and I have been very self conscious about how it was looking. So I am very careful about the products and things I put in and on my hair. I’ve been to a hair specialist who told me that I should wash my hair daily to keep it in tip top shape, which can be very tough on your scalp and dry it out but when I heard and saw on snapchat a number of months ago that Marissa was creating a shampoo for her own hair I was excited. At that stage I didn’t know if she would be releasing them to the public sales, so when the new products were launched, I was all over that release!

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about three weeks now and there has been a massive difference in both the feel and look of my hair. I did have it all cut up as well, but it is so soft and healthy at the moment.

I have naturally very curly hair (You curly hair gals will know what I am talking about) so If I don’t brush my hair when its wet there is no hope in brushing it at all. I normally add hair oil and a heat protectant spray before brushing through, and even doing that I loose a lot of hair in the brushing and it can be a bit of a pull and rough.

After using the Kind Shampoo and Conditioner one time I noticed a difference, the brush glided through my hair, and that was before the hair oil. Now three weeks later, I have stopped using the oil all over my hair, just adding it to the ends. My hair isn’t shedding as much at all and I am just loving the products. They are safe for extensions and coloured hair also (and another side note, and I don’t know if it is anything to do with the Kind Range but Im thinking it cant be a coincidence. My chest area never held tan, it would always be the part that was lightest and would wear off quick but that has not happened since using the Kind Range. I know certain shampoos can interact with your skins PH levels and change it mean tan wont develop as well, so I’m guessing these two are made with tan lovers in mind!)

They are apparently  meant to smell like the Cocoa Brown peach and gardinia but I couldn’t smell anything, mainly because I think I tan so often that I have acclimatised to the smell and its just normal for me now! Though I was told this past weekend that my hair smelled lovely, so there is a nice smell and other people can smell it!

Also great to note is that it is Free from Paraben, Alcohol and Formaldehyde. Things if you are trying to protect your hair you will be certain you want to avoid. My hair has been really thick and healthy looking lately, if I say so myself!

And whats even better to know is that its available in everyones favourite Pennys/Primark and online on cloud10beauty. I haven’t picked up the travel set yet, but I suggest you should to try the range out. It has mini Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gell along with the new tan wipes. (I have tried them, they are good!) The packaging says limited edition, which I really hope is just first sales stuff, because I will be stocking up big time if that is the case.

It seems with this addition, my love affair with Cocoa Brown continues. Get yourselves the Kind Range and then thank me later! (and then your hair will thank you! It will be a general love fest!)

So thats all! I’ll post some hair photos over on my instagram so you can see how it is looking! Take a look at the photo from my birthday and the shine is all down to the Kind Range!

I have some other hair essentials posts coming up, including the new FARO hair brush range.

Much Love,

Aisling x

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