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It’s True, I Love Tan!


So the week, when I should have been prepping to be a bridesmaid at my cousins now past wedding (Like it happened a month ago, nothing happened to her wedding. In fact it was fab, see my post here about being a bridesmaid) I instead decided to try out a new tan and write a post about it! I really was a good help to her, I just momentarily got preoccupied!

So hope you enjoy!


It’s true, I’ll be the first to stand up and say not only do I love tan…I may be addicted to it!

Right now I have 9 bottles of the one hour Cocoa Brown in my bathroom (I think I have a deep set fear something will happen to Marissa Carter, also FYI Love Marissa Carter! Major Inspiration!) I also have two bottles of fake bake, a bellamianta, two St Tropez and maybe four St Moritz. Thats just my current supply. I really love a good tan!

So in my quest to try ALL THE TANS I tried out the new Dove Derma Spa Skin Revive gradual moisturiser tanner, on the advice of my favourite girls in work (Hi Susan and Sinead!) They were raving about it and I didn’t think much because I am a hard core Cocoa Brown’er but when I saw it on special for €5 in my local Dunnes I decided what harm, I’ll try it out. I picked up the medium/dark one (point to note, it says for medium to dark skin so I was a bit confused if that meant if you have medium to dark skin or would like medium to dark skin!) I digress, I bought it!

So I tried it out before I went to bed last night (a risky move on my part on reflection! I am a bridesmaid on Saturday but once again I knew I was safe I always have a bottle of the Tough Stuff in the shower), and I didn’t know what to expect this morning when I woke up, but I was pleasantly surprised. One layer gives a golden natural tan, perfect for Irish skin. I prefer my tan to be much darker, I like to look like I have tan on! But I think I will apply another layer this evening an get myself to the colour I like.

The smell wasn’t too bad, It has the same smell as the other Dove gradual tans have, perhaps not as potent and not entirely unpleasant. Kind of like biscuits. It went on and soaked into my skin really quickly and isn’t blotchy this morning, The only give away of it not being real is on small dark patch between my fingers, a clear rookie mistake. I am shocked at myself! Also really good to note is it didn’t stain my fingernails. I have a bit of regrowth, I am getting them done on Thursday (its Monday evening now!) and some tans I’ve tried have turned my nails brown but this one didn’t which is a real bonus! Its not as moisturising as the other Dove/Garnier gradual tans but my skin does feel nice. The girls in work are also lovely and tan too. They would not have hard core tan issues like I do so the light glow is perfect for them, and Susan did tell me I looked radiant this morning, or etherial. One of those good glowy terms!

Would I recommend it? Yes, its a good gradual tan. But if your like me, start your game early. If you want a colour that is deep and to tan quickly go with my girl Marissa any day!

I think it is around the €8/€9 mark normally, so while its on introductory special pick up a bottle. It will make your Thursday night prep go on all week but thats a win in my books. Did I mention I love tan!

Also, It didn’t stain my sheets. That is the bane of my existence!

I’m off to tan some more, what else was Monday evenings made for?!

Let me know if you have tried it.

Much Love