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FARO Professional Hair Brushes

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start by saying something like FARO or perhaps they should call it HERO hair brushes…but then I cringed for my life and thought better of myself and knew it would be just as well expressed by saying this: these hair brushes will change your hair! As their tag line goes “love your hair” and you will with these brushes and if you do already love your hair, buy these brushes!

As you will know if you read my last post, I have been using the new Cocoa Brown Kind range, so I have been keen to try out anything that would improve the over all health of my hair and these new FARO brushes have been a great addition to my new hair care routine.



I bought the brushes from the Cara Pharmacy website ( FYI- one of the best customer services I’ve experienced! I ordered the brushes at 2.30pm on a Monday and they were in my office and with me by 10am the following day! They came all gift wrapped and with a little note which was so sweet and if you are going to buy these brushes do give Cara your business!)




So back to the brushes! You get four of the FARO brushes in the box (19mm, 25mm and 35mm and a backcombing brush) and they will set you back €49 which works out at about €12.50 a brush! When you think of it like that,the value is exceptional. The brushes took me a few attempts to get used to, but now I wouldn’t go back. I have naturally very curly hair and with any sort of weather the curl returns wth force and those frizzy flyaways arrive moments after I used to blow dry my hair, but not any more! I am a little bit in disbelief still that these brushes have changed my blow dry. So much so, the other day (AFTER) work I met a colleague and they asked me had I gotten a blow dry done! And they seem quite astounded to hear it had only been me and my FARO brushes that morning! The curly blow dry lasts much longer for me and I can even sleep on it and it will still be ok in the morning but I can get a good full day out of it when I blow dry it straight! (Curly haired girls rejoyce everywhere!) If I want it poker straight again for a night out I just have to run the ghd over it for a few seconds and I am good to go.

The FARO brushes have a ceramic, iconic coated barrel that retains heat and helps prevent breakage which was like music to my ears. The steel pin bristles are super for thicker hair, I know my friends with thick hair spend a long time struggleing to get hair brushes through their hair when blow drying so these grip the hair brilliantly (not something I worry about but rather pine for but I can say they are great for fine hair too!)

The first few times I couldn’t get the hand of the brushes and I even managed on my first attempt to ‘brand’ my neck with the top of the brush forgetting that they are metal and not like my previous plastic one where it never heated up. (That was more my fault however than the brush, I don’t think many people would rest the top of the brush against their neck while flipping over another piece of hair) In saying that it is also where the genius of these brushes lie! The barrel heats up quick and glides through your hair leaving it really smooth. The larger vent also allow the brush to cool down quicker and not damage your hair. Once you get used to how the bristles grip your hair and how to shape and pull your hair in the brush you will get a great blow out. It really does feel like a salon blow dry at home!

I have been using them for about two or three weeks now and they are so good.  Mixed with the Kind Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair is sofer and more managable than ever before! I have another style book coming up soon and the curly blow dry in that was all from FARO brushes and my Babyliss Rose Quartz Hair dryer.

So, should you buy them…YES, would they be a brilliant gift idea, an even bigger yes! I am always a little reluctant to buy new brushes or things which seem to good to be true but I am so so glad I bought these.

Let me know if you have them, and you can buy just one from the set here if you want to try it out before comitting to the full set! I hope this has helped you some what if you were thinking of einvesting in new brushes or needed some gift ideas with thhat big C event closely approcahing! I know some people I love will be getting this set as a gift.

Many thanks for reading, Happy Saturday and Happy Hair!

Aisling x


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