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Being a Bridesmaid

It’s so nice reading back on this post knowing all went well. This was the night before my cousin’s wedding. I was feeling nervous and wrote a blog post to set my mind straight of what I had to do the following day! Hope these tips help you along the way! I will do another post series about the things you need to master, A bridesmaid 101 (I will ask others too, veterans of the bridesmaid game!) 

So you got asked! By your bestie, sister or in my case my my cousin! It is the night before her wedding, which will be at the Cliff at Lyons Estate tomorrow and we are all sorted! Everything is prepped, flowers are here, dresses are ready to go!

Michelle and Aisling

I’ve learned a lot from this experience, and I will do a blog all about the wedding if Michelle says its ok! I will post some photos over on my instagram (aislingnolan_X)

But I wanted to share my tips and tricks for being the best bridesmaid you can be! And if you are like me you’ve reached that stage where suddenly all your friends are getting married, hopefully at some point you’ll be lucky to be asked. I’ll do a post on the hen and planning one for your bride separately, so this is just leading up to the wedding and the big day itself!
I was totes emosh (for reals! Like I may have cried a bit!) when I got the parcel from Michelle asked me to be her bridesmaid, I wasn’t expecting it and was equally thrilled, nervous and exciting when she asked!

So top tips for being the best bridesmaid:
1: Be available! That means where possible go to all dress appointments, hair appointments, makeup appointments, spa days or just generally being present (within reason!) for your bride. Also being on the end of the phone when she freaks out that the flowers just wont be right. It will happen! Since I live in Galway and Michelle lives in Dublin, I came home as much as possible and was at her dress fittings, and nail appointments. We had lots of treat days together and have send 4,567 whatapps since since asked me to stand with her for her big day! Those folks in whatsapp are good people!! Saved me a small fortune!!

2: Be calm! You need to be the calming presence in her life leading up to the big day. Wedding planning can be, or rather is, stressful. So if you are the one panicking, it will only make the bride worse. There is nothing that cant be solved, re-worked, or changed, so you need to remind her of that and if she is stressed up to her two eyes its time for you to take charge and make the situation smooth and stress free.

3: Don’t be drama: If you don’t like the dress, or the venue or the groom, just let it be. Its not your day and be the best friend, sister or cousin you can be. (Thankfully in my case I liked all three!! Hey Stewy!!! My newest cousin!! Still hasn’t gotten old!) It is one day where she needs you to be her support so suck it up, smile and don’t be drama.

4: Be the point of contact for people on the day: Go meet the hotel, and the florist and make sure the hair dresser and makeup artist have your phone number so they all can call you if they are running late or are lost. Let everyone deal with you, so the bride doesn’t have to worry about any of those details. Make sure the person who will be looking after the wedding on the day knows your name and to come find you if anything needs to be changed or is wrong.

5: Smile, laugh and get up and dance: You will be joining the happy couple on the dance floor with the bridal party, but be the first one on the dance floor when the band starts (Not that I would need encouraging!!) and smile for photos with guests and help organise the group when the photographer is getting the snaps. It’s hard for guests not to have a good time when you are having a brilliant one!

6: Carry that bag of ‘in case of emergency!:Needle and Thread, Chalk and whatever you might think of that the bride might need on her big day! Have them to hand so without her having to look for them you are there like superwoman with a plaster when her shoes start rubbing!

So that is it! Simple really!! Being a bridesmaid is a lot of responsibility and can be tough work, but it is worth it. Sharing that moment with your sister, cousin or friend is one you won’t forget and really creates a bond! Enjoy every moment and don’t stress!

So i’m off to get a good nights sleep, apply a face mask and get ready for the big day tomorrow!!

Much love,

Aisling x

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