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I’m long-listed…

Hi everyone,   I’ve some good news! The blog got long listed for the V by Very blog Awards Ireland 2017.  It is brilliant to be nominated and fingers crossed I make it to the short list because that would mean I get dressed up and get to go to an awards ceremony! That’s all I popped in to say! Much love, Aisling x

My 2016 Favourites – Part 2

Hi everyone, I’m back again with part 2 of my 2016 favourites. If you have not read part 1 which features fragrance and makeup you can read it here. Part two will be filled with the other products I loved in 2016, and the ones I’ll be bringing with me into 2017. Tan, wonder products and hair care, these are my go to products. Lets get started. Tanning If you

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My 2016 Favourites – Part 1

Hi everyone, Well 2016 has been such a great year and I will bring you a post about the highlights but first I have a post about my go-to favourite beauty products over the past 12 months. These are products which I have returned to time and time again and always recommend. They’ll be coming with me into 2017! I almost can’t believe a whole year is over and that

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L’Óreal Pure Clay… Glow L’Óreal glow!

Hi everyone, I have a review for you all today of the new L’Óreal Pure Clay glow mask! I am a mask lover, there is nothing better than an evening in with face mask on…equally terrifying and sexy all at once!! I tend to use a lot of sheet masks so when I saw the new clay mask from L’Óreal I was intrigued! L’Óreal is one of my favourite brands,

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FARO Professional Hair Brushes

Hi everyone, I wanted to start by saying something like FARO or perhaps they should call it HERO hair brushes…but then I cringed for my life and thought better of myself and knew it would be just as well expressed by saying this: these hair brushes will change your hair! As their tag line goes “love your hair” and you will with these brushes and if you do already love

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Be Kind to your hair

Hi again! Today I have a post all about the new Kind range from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter. Now if you have read my previous post about how much I love tan (you can find it here) you will know that I am a fan of the Cocoa Brown range! The new Kind Shampoo and Conditioner is the first venture outside skin products for Marissa, and I have to

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It’s True, I Love Tan!

So the week, when I should have been prepping to be a bridesmaid at my cousins now past wedding (Like it happened a month ago, nothing happened to her wedding. In fact it was fab, see my post here about being a bridesmaid) I instead decided to try out a new tan and write a post about it! I really was a good help to her, I just momentarily got

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Being a Bridesmaid

It’s so nice reading back on this post knowing all went well. This was the night before my cousin’s wedding. I was feeling nervous and wrote a blog post to set my mind straight of what I had to do the following day! Hope these tips help you along the way! I will do another post series about the things you need to master, A bridesmaid 101 (I will ask

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Hello world!

Hello! I’m new here! Click the about me to learn more and I hope you enjoy my posts! I will be adding to them weekly, and hope to have a range of topics to discuss! Thats all I have to say for now, I really just wanted an excuse to post a picture of me and my hat!! So anyways! Yes, exciting times! Much love,   Aisling x