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The Blog by Aisling Nolan

All about me

Aisling Nolan lives and works in the beautiful city of Galway in the west of Ireland. (I don’t know why I am writing this in the third person! It is me writing this!)


So hello! I’m Aisling, I love fashion, beauty and travel…and tan! I love tan. This site will I hope be a go-to place for fashion advice, makeup tips, reviews and chat. Like having a cup of tea with your girlfriends and all that comes with it. For so long, my friends, people I meet at events and my family (I list them last because they are biased!) have told me I should start a blog, documenting my love of all things make-up and fashion, so I have finally taken their advice and ‘the blog’ was born! I have passion for so much more than make-up and clothes and so this site aims to be so much more too. It’s me 2.0!


In my real life I am so lucky to be able to have a job that lets me travel the world and meet so many people, and on occasion dress up in fancy gowns and because of this I have gained a wealth of experience. From packing light, to up styles or a great blowout to tanning, I have done it all and am your girl for advice.


If you have any advice for me, tips or suggestions on improvements or some general comments (hopefully just nice ones, life is too short for mean things!) send them my way and I will get back to you.

For now, thats all.

Chat to you later in the blog or across my social media pages, I have them linked in the top right hand corner.

Come say hi!

Much love, Aisling x